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Monday, February 18, 2013

Travel Health Insurance with Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Travel health insurance for people who have pre existing medical conditions is difficult than general travelers, that doesn’t mean there is no insurance plan for them. If you search online and compare travel health insurance policy, you will get different policies for various medical conditions are available. However, they might put some restrictions over the policy.

What are The Pre Existing Medical Conditions in Travel Health Insurance?

Travel Health Insurance with Medical Conditions
Travel Health Insurance

The pre existing medical conditions mean various types of medical conditions for which medical treatments, diagnosis and medicines are recommended or received.

Do You Need To Cover Medical Conditions?

The medical costs in foreign country could be higher and expensive, so without insurance coverage you may not pay the bill.

Why the Insurance Costs Are High For People with Greater Risk

Medical emergencies and claim in travelers’ destination are one of the largest expenses for travel insurance companies, so insurance companies offer high premium worth of insurance coverage for travel expenses, medical emergency, hospital treatment and medical evacuations. This is reason the insurance companies force to the travelers to pay high premium especially to those travelers who have greater health risk. If you have serious medical conditions like heart diseases or cancer which occurred years ago, you must have to reveal these problems your insurerThe travelers who have been cured from serious minor or major heart conditions or cancer must have to disclose these to their insurance companies.

What Is The Problem If You Don’t Disclose Your Medical Conditions?

It is required from insurance company to disclose the travelers any kind of medical conditions, but if you fail to reveal and the insurance company find any clue, they may reject your insurance coverage.

Travel health insurance policies for travelers with existing medical conditions are designed as if travelers were fallen medical emergency because of previous health conditions while staying in foreign country, then travelers medical expenses would be covered by the insurance companies even if the costs is thousands. This confirmation which will be offered by the insurers may give the peace of mind to travelers.

The premium of Travel health insurance for travelers who have previous medical conditions will normally be higher and the insurance company considers that pre existing condition within last three years. Also you can find few companies which consider only one year.


  1. Traveling without travel health insurance is foolish, because who knows your traveling might end up with huge expenses, so I think it can be the best idea to get travel health insurance especially who has pre-existing medical conditions. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

  2. Thanks for this valuable post as it is essential to travelers as the medical costs in foreign countries are really expensive.
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  3. I wasn't re-assured by this article. It isn't enough to say that you have to do ab and c to be covered when, in fact, there is no real assurance that you will be covered. It seems to be one small thing that could throw a wrench into coverage. Over and over it is stressed to report all medical interventions and illnesses one has had, however, the majority of people who are seniors and have experienced health issues do not remember all of their medical conditions or drugs they may have taken at one or another point in time. Things like forgetting that a person had a three month bout of GIRD four years ago pales when one has had a heart attack in the meantime. Yet that one piece of info can make all of the difference if you end up in a foreign country with serious stomach problem.

    1. Thank for your comment and suggestion.

  4. I really enjoyed your excellent article.There are several factors that could play an important role in determining the best travel health insurance. Keep sharing such knowledgeable post. Thanks…