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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Change Auto Insurance Company

Do you think your current auto insurance company charges an extra premium than others for the same coverage? Do you experience that insurance provider didn't accept your claim or rise up auto insurance quotes without informing you? Are you thinking of leaving current one? It's not odd because every year thousands of auto drivers switch insurance companies for several reasons.


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should change present car insurance provider.

1. Overcharge
You have found that you are paying high prices for no reasons or invalid excuses. In many cases it's not true but many car insurance companies do this for no reason. Of course you are willing to pay high prices if you are satisfied with current insurance providers. In the era of recession and tight budget drivers can be so disappointed if they find the insurance companies raise the prices and as a result the drivers begin to search another cheap auto insurance company.

2. Poor Customer Service
Great customer service is the indispensable aspect of customer retention, but things are not always like this. There are few car insurance companies who treat customers like they are doing a favor by picking up the phone, therefore, keep in mind that you can find many companies with outstanding customer services.

Why you still pay extra premium to your current insurance provider while you have found another company with cheap rate? Finding a cheapest rate with another company is one of the biggest reasons to change current car insurance providers. But remember cheap car insurance rates are not always best, so check if the new one has the cheapest rate for the same coverage.

4. Shift to another State
Its may new to you but there are many insurance providers who are not certified to operate business in another state. If you are moving to another state then you have to get insurance coverage from one available in your new state. Make sure that your present car insurance provider is authorized to operate a business in your moving state, because it will be best for you not to change because of the chance of getting a discount if you still be with current one.

5. Insufficient Coverage
You need another coverage include your current package but insurer doesn't have coverage appropriate for you. If this happens it's time for you to move to another company unless you have to pay for medical expenses out of your pocket.

Changing auto insurance companies is not a big deal because it's irrational to stay with current company though you have fewer conflicts of interest. Moreover, you are not bound to stay with the same company, so you can choose another one whenever you want. Just do some researches like with which company you are moving to and the new one is really better than old one.


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  4. How can you tell if your auto insurance company is charging an extra premium? I don't know a whole lot about insurance, so I'm not sure if I would be able to catch something like this. I'm sure learning more about the warning signs for things like this would be helpful.
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