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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cheaper Auto Insurance Quotes from Larger or Regional Insurance Company

Do you ever compare auto insurance quotes from both regional and larger national auto insurance companies to find out who provide cheaper rates? Many drivers still don’t know that they can save money on car insurance if they research a little bit.

If you ask drivers to say about the top auto insurance companies, they can probably remember 10-15 of them and most of the drivers have insurance from large insurance providers. But larger auto insurance companies don’t mean that they write cheaper car insurance or offer discount to their clients. Therefore many drivers ignore this opportunity getting insurance from regional companies and forgo discounts and savings.

The number of insurance policies every insurance company writes can vary from state to state based on their service quality, the state’s regulations and requirements, and consumer behavior. Drivers also should be aware that there are some smaller regional auto insurance companies who are offering the same coverage at cheaper prices and may be the local consumers ignore the big deal of discount because of research end information. Although larger car insurance companies may be financially sound and have acquired a maximum market share, but it’s been said that bigger is not always better.

Independent insurance agents suggest that there are savings available to local consumers if they write insurance with regional companies. Agents recommend that if drivers are looking for the lowest insurance quotes they should request car insurance rates from smaller regional insurance companies. Smaller regional insurance companies do business through local independent agents, so in order to request insurance quotes you can contact with local independent agents.

There are a few bases to choose regional insurance companies and one is financial conditional of that particular company in the industry. AM Best can be a handy tool for consumers to choose insurance companies.  AM Best is the independent rating organization and you can find rating to your insurance companies based on their financial strength which helps you to decide if this company will be best for you.

Base on the AM Best rating outcome insurance company will get Superior (A++, A+), Excellent (A, A-), or Good (B++, B+). According to AM Best companies which get A++ to B+ are considered to be financially secured.

Apart from getting an insurance policy from regional smaller company to get cheap insurance rates there are many factors like historical driving records, good score, multiple insurance from the same company the drivers can follow to lower auto insurance premiums.


  1. Hi...Impressive article. Many insurance companies are available now who provide auto insurance but there are several factors by which you can justify which one is top rated and will be best for you. Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

  2. Doesn't your auto insurance cater to what kind of car you have? I also heard that the rates depend on your driving record too. I'm thinking about getting some insurance, but I may need some guidance. Thanks for this article!
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