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Monday, January 6, 2014

Play It Safe Rewards from SafeAuto Insurance

SafeAuto insurance initiated rewards to its loyal customers. Expert insurance agents say that there are many ways to get rewarded and cheap auto insurance, but you would definitely like if your current auto insurance provider offers rewards if you stay with them for certain periods.


Play It Safe Rewards
If any customer stays with SafeAuto insurance for 90 days, they would get $1000 reward and for just 180 days they could get $5000. Moreover, the more days customers stay with SafeAuto, the more rewards they will get. The company selects the lucky winners throughout the year.

Are you eligible for Play It Safe Rewards?
This reward is currently for SafeAuto insurance policy holders in Ohio. If you live in Ohio and carry SafeAuto personal auto policy, you will get SafeAuto Play It Safe endorsement soon. This endorsement includes all the rules and regulation for eligibility to win $1000 or $5000 depending on the months or years you are with them and if you haven’t got into this program yet then you can get help from SafeAuto insurance agents or their customer center.

How about if you are not SafeAuto insurance customer? Why would you want to slip this reward under your hand because you must have an auto insurance policy to ride your car? So request Ohio auto insurance quotes from SafeAuto and win the rewards. For more details you can visit SafeAuto insurance Play It Safe Rewards.

Who is the Play It Safe Rewards Gold Winner?

Karri Kesller, a Harrison, Ohio native, was selected as the Gold Prize winner for Play It Safe Rewards. Since she has been insured with SafeAuto for more than 90 days, she won the prize of $5000.

It’s common among auto insurance companies to promote their products and motivate their customers. If you have enough information then why not gives a chance to win the rewards. Stay with SafeAuto and win minimum $1000 for 90 days.  The more days you stay with them, the more money you have the opportunity to win.


  1. That is quite interesting..and thanks for the nice information and presentation.

  2. This is great information! I would like to be rewarded by my insurance. A $ 5, 000 reward would be very well received. I have been with my car insurance for 5 years. I am going to ask if I qualify for anything within their promotions and policies. It might be time to switch auto insurance if there's no incentives for me.