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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Esurance Introduces Teen Driver Safety Program

Esurance introduces DriveSafe a program to help you to teach your teen how to be safe and responsible even when you are not beside them.


Teens have a high risk of accident because of their attitude and easy of distraction mentality. Every year, most of the road accidents happen by the teen when their parents are not with them. To prevent this Esurance auto insurance company, one of the best and reliable car insurance in USA initiated a program called “DriveSafe” where you can couch your teen children even you are not in the passenger seat.

Why to enroll into Esurance DriveSafe program?

1. You can get information about your teen’s driving and couching them if necessary.
2. Receive customized alert if your teen drives too fast, accelerate too quickly, or don’t maintain speed breaker.
3. Keep peace in mind that your teen is safe and secure while they are driving.
4. Feel free that emergency phone numbers are ready.

How Esurance DriveSafe works?


If you are already a customer then ask to enroll or call at (1-800-378-7262) and if you are not any customer of them then ask for auto insurance quotes and enroll to DriveSafe program.

After you are signing up Einsurance sends you a telematics device without any cost, including step by step instructions.  Install the device onto diagnostic port and download Esurance DriveSafe app onto your smart phone.  With Bluetooth technology synchronizing with an app you can get updates of your teen’s driving behaviors and you can also limit the cell phone use while the car is running.

You can view the summary of their driving like where they are now where are they headed, and whether they are doing any unsafe activity like speeding.   Based on your teen’s driving experiences you can tailor the activities like what they can do or don’t.  Moreover, in any circumstances if they try to remove the device you will get notification.




  1. This is a great way to help reduce accidents. I need to install this app into each of my children's phones. I don't believe they would text and drive, but you never truly know. Preventing accidents would also help us maintain a lower auto insurance rate.

  2. I think that this is a brilliant idea! There are too many teens out there who go through drivers ed and then forget everything about safety when they get in the car with their buddies! There needs to be another step in the process after they get their license. Something to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. I never feel safe letting my 16 year old daughter drive my 3 year old around town. I just don't want anything to happen to them. Call me overprotective, but there are risks I just don't want to take!
    Ruth James |

  3. It was funny, when I was a teen, I thought I was limitless in the car. I look back now, and though, I've never been in a wreck, or had a ticket, I'm surprised I didn't. Time goes on and you get more careful.

  4. Your blog really helps for my search and amazingly it was on my searching criteria.. Teenagers should learn to drive while they are eager and quicker at learning. Then it becomes an issue of letting then have access to a car or not. Defensive Driving

  5. Anyone who has had a teenager in their house will know that this is a great idea. I have 3 daughters in their twenties, and had to go through the drama and scares of them driving the family car while in high school. Luckily we made it through those years with only 2 car accidents. Insurance was so important.

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  7. I love the drive safe app, except when I'm not driving. My friend was driving and I was trying to be navigator, but the app was doing such a good job that it wouldn't let me do anything. I think there should be an option to switch it to navigator mode, or something like that.

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  9. I'll have to let my son know about this, his daughter is about to get her license. She's a really great driver, but because she's a teenager her insurance rates are super high. They shouldn't punish anyone for their age, without even looking at their driving record first.

  10. I have been on the hunt for a new auto insurance company. My son is going to be driving soon. I want to make sure I get the right insurance coverage for when he starts driving.