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Monday, April 20, 2015

Tips on How to Get the Lowest Auto Insurance Premium

Getting auto insurance is kind of big deal nowadays for new car drivers and for who are planning to buy new car. But if you know how to deal you can get lower auto insurance premium and save money on your insurance policy.

Tips to Get the Lowest Auto Insurance Premium and Save Money

Tip 1: Be Wise While Buying Car: We all know that high priced car has higher insurance premium so if you buy luxury car you cannot expect to lower insurance rates. Try to contact the insurance agents to know what types of car have lower insurance rates and buy one of them. Consider car companies group, engine model, car age, and mileage. Remember car price has significant effect on your car insurance policy.

Tip 2: Be Wise While Shopping: There are many factors car insurance companies consider to calculate the car insurance rates. Before insuring your car develop a good driving records the speed limit breaking record and following the driving rules. You can take a driving course to get a discount from the insurance company.

Tip 3: Be Wise While Choosing the Insurance Companies: Do you know to stay in the market and to acquire the market share there are many local and national insurance companies who offer cheaper prices and many discounts? Also comparing insurance quotes from different companies can help you to lower your insurance premiums.

Tip 4: Be Wise While Choosing the Deductible: Always choose the high deductible when you are buying auto insurance coverage and pay your insurance premium in advance to prove to the company that you are responsible for your policy.

Tip 5: Be Wise While Maintaining your Policy: Many drivers do this mistake that they don’t maintain their payment regularly and as a result, the insurance company raises the rates after reinstatement. Try to maintain your coverage without lapse. Also pay the insurance premium once in a year not monthly because monthly premium includes the interest and admin fee.

Tip 6: Be Wise about Mileage: “Pay as you Go” coverage helps you to charge how many miles you are driving. The insurer puts a tracker in your car so that you are only charged for how many miles you are driving.

Many drivers still pay the higher rates because of lack of knowledge about how to reduce the premium. If you follow these tips you will definitely get the lowest auto insurance premiums from the company.

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