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Friday, October 31, 2014

6 Cities with Cheapest Auto Insurance in Oregon

Which cities have the cheapest auto insurance quotes in Oregon?  What is the average auto insurance cost in this State? In this post you will find these answers along with top 6 cities with the cheapest car insurance in Oregon.

According to State’s law you cannot register your vehicles without any insurance coverage and if you are new or planning to live in this State, you have 30 days time to register and confirm the title of the vehicles after becoming the resident.  

In Oregon the citizens are legally required to carry several types of car insurance coverage like liability, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist. Though the percentage of population living in this State is lower than others but there are still many auto insurance companies who offer expensive rates. 

The average annual premium is $1,134 and most of the cities in this State are fallen within 25% of the average. The cheapest premium is $1,038 in Corvallis and the expensive premium is $1,412 in Gresham.  

ValuePenguin analyzed 54 cities in Oregon to find out the cities with cheapest auto insurance rates. They found 6 cheapest cities that came 8% below the state average $1,134 and the cities are less populated.

1. Corvellis, Oregon: located in the Benton county with the population lower than 50,000 is found the cheapest city with average annual rate of $1,038 which is 9% lower than the state average.

2. Grants Pass, Oregon: known as the home of Rogue Theatre where many famous acts have performed is the 2nd cheapest city with annual rate of $1,040 which is 8% lower than the state average.

3. Ashland & Rogue River, Oregon: These two cities have the same average annual rate $1,043 which is 8% lower than the state average.

4. Eugene, Oregon: the sensational natural beauty with rivers, mountains, and Spencer butte including the birth place of Nike, Eugene is compilation of many cooperative projects, great community and generosity. This city holds the 5th place for the cheapest car insurance cost that is $1,051 which is 7% lower than the state average.

5. Medford, Oregon: know as retirement destination and the home to the burgeoning Oregon wine industry, Medford relies on the economy of health care industry. It carries the 6th place for the cheapest auto insurance quotes and the annual average rate is $1,057 which is 7% below the state average. Though it is the home to the Oregon wine industry, but careful with driving car while drinking. Your insurance quote might increase if you get caught.

Finding the cheapest auto insurance is no difficult if you know how to search affordable insurance quotes, tips to lower insurance rates, and what factors really affect your rates.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I just transferred car titles, so I own my mom's old car. All I need to do is find insurance and then I'm good to go. I've never had to buy insurance before, though, and I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. It's nice to find resources like this online. |